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  • How do I add someone to my policy?

    Give us a call. We ask that you have the following information handy because we are going to ask for it.

    • Policy holder’s name and the name of the driver you would like to add.
    • Policy number or address.
    • What cars are being removed or added (if any) and their VIN numbers.
    • Specify coverage- will you need more? You can also choose to keep it the same as the other vehicles on your policy.

    For any and all driver related changes to your policy, give us a call at 757-448-3820.

  • How do I Change my Mortgage Company?

    If your mortgage company has changed, simply give us a call to let us know. Changes are a common occurrence, and most mortgage companies do not inform the insurance carriers when they make a switch. It’s very important for us to have the correct mortgage information on the insurance policy so your coverage doesn’t get interrupted.

    Give us a call today at 757-448-3820 so we can help make a seamless transition.

  • How do I get my Auto ID Cards?

    Most carriers have mobile apps you can use to request your ID cards. The best way to determine if your carrier has a mobile app is to simply Google them. You will likely be instructed to create a customer login. Once you’re set up, you will be able to request your ID cards.

    You can also send your request to or call our service department at 757-448-3820.

  • How do I File a Claim?

    Typically, before filing a claim you’ll want to get an estimate of the damages before making permanent repairs. For home claims, consider calling a plumber or roofer to stop any issues that may cause permanent damage like an active leak.

    If you need to file a claim, make sure to call us first! Our team will help you determine if a claim should be filed and connect you with the insurance carrier to start the claims process. We will even follow up throughout the claim if needed.

    Call 757-448-3820 for our dedicated Claims Advocacy team to help walk you through this process. Visit our Claims page to learn more.

  • What is your connection to Prosper Insurance?

    We partner with Prosper Insurance to offer you the best coverage at a great rate.

    Insurance can be complicated and you may not know who to trust. Our agents do the heavy lifting by shopping through top-rated insurance companies and will guide you in choosing the best policy to protect the things you care about the most. To learn more, visit, or call me at (757) 886-3369.

  • How do I Pay my Bill?

    Most insurance carriers allow you to pay online. Here are the payment links for some of our carriers:

    If you can’t find your policy number or carrier, you can always call our service department at 757-448-3820 and we can help you make a payment over the phone.

Giving Back to the World

It’s not enough just to give back to our local communities. By partnering with Prosper Insurance, we believe giving back to the planet we all live on is our responsibility. Every day we assist our clients in making choices to protect themselves. We extend this effort by protecting the home we all live on, Mother Earth.

To keep you feeling good about your insurance every time you purchase a policy, we plant a tree with One Tree Planted.

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